Featured Photographer: Elizabeth Sanders


Location: New Hampshire
Job: College Student & Freelance Photographer. (EJ Photography)

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…attempting to read relevant books and internet articles, playing ultimate frisbee, being sarcastic, hanging out with friends, and philosophizing about the world.

My favorite photographer is…Tim Coulson. Hands down. That man knows how to draw the beauty out of life and splash it on a photograph.

This one time I was taking a photograph and…nobody noticed. Ninja-level accomplished.

I couldn’t make it through the day without…going outside!

Digital or Film…I have yet to enter the magical film world — and while film-photographs are enchanting in their own right I would have to say that Digital is where it’s at.

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Photography Tip: Low Lighting


We’re big fans of natural light here at the DMS Photo Lab. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate studio photography and the science behind studio lighting but when producing content for real life we find that natural light feels the most “real.” Typically, shooting with natural light is very easy, but when the sun begins to disappear from the horizon and you’re not done with your shoot, things can get a little hairy. Check out this awesome article on Photography Life on shooting in low light! 

Featured Photographer: Carmen Mayta


Location: Denver, Colorado
Job: Photographer

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…reading, trying new recipes or discovering new places

My favorite photographer is…too many to name but three that stand out: Sebastiao Salgado, Fran Beaufrand and Annie Leibovitz.

One time I was taking a photograph and…I had a really huge cast on my leg, and unfortunately I couldn’t bend my right knee. Every time I had to do a shot at floor level (and it happened thousands of times during the session) I had to roll over like a dog to get up and down—suffice to say it wasn’t as fun as it sounds.

I couldn’t make it through the day without…a big cup of coffee!

Digital or Film…Digital, but I am always going to miss and love film.

Photography Tip: Food Styling

There are a ton of blog posts out there on food photography and food styling but this post from Digital Photography School is one of the best around. Food styling can be tricky and can really enhance a photograph or completely ruin it if done poorly. Check out this great post and then grab one of our many available food assignments. Good luck!


Featured Photographer: Jessie Cowan

Location: Los Angeles
Job: Photographer 

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…enjoying the sunshine at the park, running after my three year old son with my newborn strapped on me in her carrier. She loves the ride.

My favorite photographer is…so hard to choose just one but I have fallen in love with the newly discovered B&W street portraits by Vivian Maier.

This one time I was taking a photograph and…I had decided to shoot a picnic on the beach. Simple enough, right? Wrong. Moments after getting everything situated I turn around (after struggling with sand, wind and my hyper 3 year old jumping on everything) only to see 30+ seagulls attacking my food props. It was a scene right out of finding Nemo… “mine.”

I couldn’t make it through the day without…my double espresso, and smiles from my kids

Film or Digital? I adore film but I have to say I have embraced digital and my patience and budget thank me.

Photo Tip: Digital Noise & Compression Artifacting

By Christina Domingues 

2 common issues that photographers face are digital “noise” and compression artifacting. These are both negative side effects that one can experience with digital photography.

What is Compression Artifacting?

Compression artifacts or artifacting is what happens when there is missing digital information in an image. This can be caused by

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