Photo Tip: How to Get Rid of Dust Spots

You take a great photo, and when you upload it to your editing software on your computer you notice pesky little dots in the background of the image!

What to do?!

Just follow these steps to get remove those unwanted dust spots:

1) Make sure you are trying to keep your camera and lenses protected from environmental elements whenever possible. It is easy for tiny particles to sneak into camera hardware!

  • Avoid changing lenses in risky environments (where there is wind, dust, etc.) 
  • Turn the camera off before changing lenses, and check your lenses for dust before attaching them. 
  • A blower works great when trying to get any dust off your lens.

2) Clean your image sensor with care. It is best to get your camera professionally cleaned.

3) Within most photo editing software, you can remove these unwanted spots. For a quick how-too, check out this little tutorial: How to Remove Dust Spots.

Meet the Team: Fiona Gardner

Deputy Photo Researcher 
Location: New York

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working…you can find me running through sprinklers at the playground with my daughter.

My favorite photographer is…Rineke Dijkstra

This one time I was taking a photograph…of a woman and her champion race horse, and it took two horse trainers just to get the horse to hold it’s head up and stop eating the grass. Horses are tough models!

I couldn’t make it through the day without…a large ice coffee!

Digital or Film…I have to say film. I am old school. I still shoot on my Hasselblad when I have the chance.

Featured Photographer: Masha D. Trujillo


Location: Hollywood, CA
Job: Translator

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…reading a book. Or daydreaming.

My favorite photographer is…Garry Winogrand.

This one time I was taking a photograph…in a souvenir shop in San Francisco and I slipped on the wet floor (it was raining) and while knocking over a shelf with a bunch of knickknacks on it, fell down on the floor, hard. I hurt my knee, got a few bruises on my elbows and arms, but my camera came out of the accident intact. My “photographer’s instinct” kicked in: I grabbed the camera with both hands and held it close to my heart as if it were a baby. The Camera - it’s sacred! :)

I couldn’t make it through the day without…music. Music makes everything better.

Digital or Film…my answer won’t be very original, but I’ll say: both. Digital for its convenience, fast results and endless possibilities of post–processing. Film—for the challenge and mystery of shooting without being able to see the results immediately and of course for the magic that is developing prints in the dark room… that moment of seeing first just the contours, then the shapes and finally the entire image appear on a blank piece of photo paper… magical and exciting!

Choosing The Right Assignment


By: Jennifer Dorn, DMS Photo Community Expert

With all the fabulous new assignments that have recently come into the studio for you to choose from, I wanted to start out my blog posts with the obvious, asking you to slow down for a moment and reflect on your own work. I think it is a good exercise, as we don’t often allow ourselves the luxury of time. As a whole we have had to become so talented at multitasking these days, it seems strange to ask someone to slow down and take their time, but I think it is time well spent.

The work at Demand Studios is a unique situation in that as a photographer, you are not waiting for a client to come to you to make far fetched demands that require you to really step out of your comfort zone. Here we ask you to attach yourselves to assignment work that really speaks to you, where your interests and talents lay and what specific situations are really right for your approach to your work.

So in sitting down to choose where to commit next, take a minute or two to honestly reflect for a moment on the following. What do I love and have a specific knowledge about or talents in creating? What do I have access to and am I the right person for that job? If I were a photo editor, would I call me to do this assignment? Lastly, are you confident that you can create images that if say you were doing research online and happened upon your completed article, would the work that you created inspire you as a reader?

I will touch on more specifics in following posts about the ‘right stuff’ to go into your images, but for now, just take a nice breath before you click ‘accept’. Your good instincts will guide you from there.


Basic Color Correction in Photo Editing Software with Auto Color and Adjustment Levels

End up with a photograph that is just too yellow, too blue…. or another color overall?


If you discover that an image you photographed has a color cast, there are many ways you can fix the problem within Photoshop, Lightroom or similar photo editing software. Most of the time, by using either an “Auto Color” option or adjusting color levels, one can quickly correct the problem by following some basic steps.

1) Understanding that Opposite Colors Cancel Each Other

The first step is to understand which color is complimentary to the color cast in your image.  

  • The 6 main colors in photography are:

Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.


If you find that your image has an overall color cast, you will need to cancel the color cast out by adding the color opposite from it on the color wheel.  For example, if your image is overall too blue, you can increase the color yellow to balance the color in the image.

Opposite Colors

Red = Cyan

Green = Magenta

Blue = Yellow

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Featured Photographer: Alexa Rae Smahl


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Photographer & Photo Editor

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can
find me…doodling or writing.

My favorite photographer is…It’s hard to choose just one. Russell
James, Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, and Mary Ellen Matthews are a few of my favorite portrait photographers.

This one time I was taking a photograph and…through the viewfinder I watched a basketball player hurl the ball out of bounds and right towards my face. Luckily, my gear and I managed to dodge the ball just in time and I was able to capture an image of the incident that still makes me laugh today.

I couldn’t make it through the day without…my morning cup of coffee.

Digital or Film…I will always have a soft spot for film.